General information


Comodynes products are developed and produced by Dermofarm Laboratories.

Comodynes products are entirely created in Spain.

Comodynes has distributors in different countries, check the details of international distributors.

Comodynes products are sold at and in physical outlets such as pharmacies, perfumeries and department stores. You can find the nearest point of sale using the store locator.

The packaging of the wipes and containers can be recycled in the plastic container and containers.

The fabric of the wipes is 100% biodegradable.

The wipes are applied without rinsing, so the water consumption is lower. The wipe is 100% biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable.

In order to solve doubts or incidences with a product you can contact Comodynes.

Self Tanning


The main ingredient of the self-tanning wipes DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) comes from a natural sugar that oxidizes on contact with the skin and thus acquires a tan. As it is a natural sugar, it is a totally safe product and suitable for all skin types.

It is not necessary to apply a moisturizing cream before using the self-tanning wipes, as the Comodynes formula contains a moisturizing complex that eliminates the feeling of tightness and keeps the skin soft.

Yes, both sides are the same, so it is indistinct to apply the wipe on one side or the other.

To achieve a more intense tan, it is recommended to repeat the application the next day, i.e. use 2 wipes on consecutive days.

To maintain good skin tone, it is recommended to use a wipe every 4 days.

A wipe is the perfect dose for face, neck and neckline, or to tan your legs.

The self-tanning wipes do not have a sun filter, i.e. they do not have sun protection, so if you want to sunbathe, you must apply a sunscreen beforehand.

The self-tanning wipes can be used without problem during pregnancy, since the main active ingredient (Dihydroxyacetone) is a completely harmless sugar with superficial action, which binds to the dead cells of the horny layer and its self-tanning action lasts as long as it takes to detach.

No, the wipes do not have sun filters, so it is necessary to apply a protective cream if you want to sunbathe.

Yes, they are especially recommended for people who cannot be exposed to the sun, either because of allergy problems, or because they have a very clear phototype. Self-tanning wipes are a healthy alternative, as they provide a natural tan, as they adapt to any phototype, without giving an orange tone.

Absolutely not. Exposure to the sun or UVA rays are the main causes of skin aging and skin cancer. Self-tanning wipes are precisely the best alternative for a healthy tan, without having to expose your skin to the sun or grape rays. Their active ingredients do not penetrate the deep layers of the skin.

Yes, you can sunbathe after applying a self-tanning wipe. The wipes do not contain sun filters, so if you sunbathe, you should apply a sunscreen.

The use of the self-tanning wipe does not darken, nor does it produce more stains in case of cloase, since self-tanning acts in a totally superficial and fleeting way. In some cases it can contribute to unify the color, so that the stains could even be concealed.

The main self-tanning active ingredients are Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose. DHA comes from a sugar that oxidizes on contact with the skin and therefore acquires a tan. Erythrulose is a naturally occurring sugar that also has moisturizing properties. As it is a natural sugar, it is a totally safe product and suitable for all skin types.

With the daily use of Hydratanning tanning milk the tone increases progressively. After 4 days you will get a summer effect tan that you can maintain daily.

To get an Express tan you need to use Hydratanning daily and self-tanning self-tanning wipes for two days in a row.

Yes, it is a highly recommended self-tanning milk for people who cannot be exposed to the sun, either because of allergy problems, or because it is a very clear phototype. Hydratanning is a healthy alternative, as it provides a natural tan without giving orange tone and adapts to any phototype.

The skin is exposed to all kinds of aggressions throughout the day, solar radiation, wind, air conditioning and urban pollution dry the skin, leaving it taut and sensitive. To ensure its fresh appearance and care it is necessary to keep it hydrated and protected.

The best time to apply Hydratanning is after the daily shower.

It is noticeable from the first application, the skin remains soft, juicy and hydrated throughout the day and applied daily, the skin regains tone and elasticity.

Yes, Hydratanning is an ultra moisturizing body milk recommended from the most sensitive to the driest skins.

Yes, men’s skin also needs to meet the need for hydration and protection.

Yes, Hydratanning can function as an aftersun thanks to its moisturizing, nourishing, restructuring and protective active ingredients that condition the skin after sun exposure.

Make-up removers


Totally, it is exactly the same, with the exception of the practicality of the wipes, already impregnated in the micellar solution and with the advantage that they are lighter and easier to transport than any micellar water in bottle format.

The micellar make-up removal solution combined with the soft “dragging effect” of the 100% natural fibre wipe provides complete facial hygiene, which in addition to removing make-up, deeply cleanses pores and eliminates dead cells.

The effectiveness of make-up remover wipes is even better, as the gentle dragging power of the tissue helps remove dead cells, providing deeper facial hygiene than other hygiene products.

No, quite the opposite. By gently removing dead cells on a daily basis, we cause a slight stimulation of the cell turnover, so we renew the horny layer more quickly with the consequent improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Yes, Comodynes’ cleansing wipes, micellar waters and tonics leave little residue on the skin.

No, cleansing with water would remove the benefits of the conditioning action of Comodynes wipes, which provides extra hydration and protection.

The R&D department of Dermofarm laboratories has been a pioneer in the suppression of allergens in perfumes and parabens. The possibility of reactions is minimal. Proof of this is that after almost 20 years in the market, not a single incident with the cleansing wipes has been collected so far.

Comodynes has a make-up remover wipe for every skin type.

Because each skin type needs specific ingredients that effectively remove impurities and make-up residue, but in turn maintain the skin’s natural pH.

No, quite the contrary, the use of soap and water could dry out the skin. After removing the makeup with the wipe, the skin is clean, toned and hydrated, ready to receive its usual treatment.

No, because of its composition based on natural ingredients, vegetable glycerides, and its 100% natural fiber fabric guarantees a great dermal and ocular tolerance.

No, because of its composition based on natural ingredients, vegetable glycerides, and its 100% natural fiber fabric guarantees a great dermal and ocular tolerance.

Reducers - Ultimate Modelling Patches


No, you should only apply one patch a day for a maximum of 28 days in a row. Let a minimum of 1 month pass between treatments.

No, since they act in a general way in the areas where there is accumulation of fat, independently of the area where they have been placed.

The effects of the Body Reducer treatment are long-lasting as long as you have good eating habits, drink plenty of water (1.5 to 2 liters) and do some exercise, guidelines that should also be followed during the treatment.

To optimize the treatment it is recommended to combine the Body Reducer treatment, with a little diet, exercise, and 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day.

Each patch contains 1 mg of caffeine, a minimum amount that does not affect blood pressure, heart rate or sleep.

The tablets have more active than the patches, but the “availability” (use) of these assets in the case of patches is 100%, while in the capsules, much less and fluctuating.

From the age of 12, depending on the physical characteristics of each person and always consulting a doctor in case of doubt.

No problem, but the area where the patch is placed will not tan.

Yes, they can get wet without a problem.

It is normal for sensitive skin to redden when the patch is removed. However, the redness disappears in a few minutes.

The use of the patches is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, as the active ingredients reach the deepest layers of the skin.

No, as the caffeine content of the patches may reduce insulin sensitivity and decompensate patients on treatment.

No type of allergic contraindication has been detected, although it is recommended that people with sensitive skin carry out an allergic test before use for possible sensitivity to the adhesive

They are perfectly compatible with contraceptive pills and patches, since they do not contain any component that can produce hormonal alterations. They can be used during the menstrual period with total normality.

In principle, Body Reducer patches are only contraindicated in case of thyroid problems, diabetes and kidney failure. In the case of hypertension, as long as it is controlled with a low-sodium diet or medication, we see no problem, as the amount of caffeine it contains is very low. On the other hand, studies carried out with the product, in which blood pressure and pulse have been controlled for 28 days in a row, have not shown significant changes in both parameters.

Yes, the combination of both products is ideal when you want to lose weight or go on a diet. The Body Reducer program will act on weight and volume loss, while Body Reducer gel will help firm and tone the skin, so both products form a perfect tandem.
Perform a 28-day (4-week) Body Reducer patch treatment and repeat it several times a year, resting 1 month between treatments. Use Body Reducer Gel all year round.



The immediate beauty spray, lifting effect, with tensing and toning plant extracts, is indicated whenever it is necessary to “restore” the skin in one minute, as it erases signs of fatigue, smoothes the features, gives luminosity and firmness to the skin.

Beauty-Flash is a must before any party or event, because in addition to smoothing the features and providing brightness, keeps the makeup impeccable for 8 hours. It is also ideal to counteract the few hours of sleep, situations of jet-lag etc..

Products in the ampoule format must be consumed in their entirety once opened, since after breaking the glass ampoule, with the risks of cutting that entails, the contents cannot be stored, nor can it be transported or carried in the bag. Beauty Flash’s practical spray format means it is always at hand and can be applied whenever necessary.

The tightening effect of Beauty-Flash is achieved thanks to an ingredient called Tensine, a phyto-tensing concentrate of plant proteins, high molecular weight, which forms a soft, resistant and elastic film on the skin.

This mask is especially indicated for mixed and oily skins, or when the skin, especially in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) presents shiny or excess sebaceous secretion. In 10 minutes the impurities disappear, the skin is purified and recovers its fresh and matte aspect.

The T-zone refers to the forehead, nose, and chin, which are generally more shiny, and impurities (pimples, pimples).

Because its sebum-regulating, astringent, and antioxidant active ingredients absorb excess fat, cleanse and reduce pore size.

This mask is rich in nourishing and moisturizing ingredients and with the rinse, we will remove all these nutrients. For the skin to revitalize and reduce the signs of fatigue is essential that the skin can absorb all the ingredients of the mask, so simply remove with a dry tissue the excess that the skin has not absorbed within 10 minutes of application.

Yes, it can also be used as a moisturizer, but applying less. Ideal for the weekend or for the gym.