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Body self-tanning mousse

Looking for a soft texture to tan yourself? You don’t have to worry anymore! Self-Tanning with its mousse texture allows us an application, easy, comfortable and super pleasant.


  • Light texture with great extensibility.
  • Provides a natural tone.
  • It increases after 3 hours achieving a maximum tone at 24H.
  • Easy and comfortable to apply.
  • It is the ideal format for the whole body.

3 hours for a complete application

Lasts 4 days

150 ml Tube

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The wipe which adapts the intensity of your tan to your natural skin tone so that you avoid excessive or orange colouring.

Are there clothes which don’t look good on you if you’re not tanned? You don’t have to stop wearing your favourite top or a plunging neckline which look so great when you’re brown. Self-tanning gives you a natural tan effect on your face, neck and cleavage in just 3 hours.


  • The intensity of the tan adapts to your natural skin tone.
  • It gives you a natural smooth tone.
  • It contains a moisturising complex which helps avoid dry skin.
  • It’s the ideal amount for face, neck and cleavage, or for half-legs.

3 hours for a complete application

Pack of 8 wipes

Lasts 4 days

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Moisturizing dry oil. Face, body and hair

Have a natural-looking tanned skin all year round?

Now it’s possible! With the new multifunctional gold dry oil that moisturizes, illuminates, repairs and softens the face, body and hair; beautifying them at the same time.


  • Triple action: moisturizes, repairs and softens.
  • Contains 7 vegetable oils and vitamins E and F.
  • Multifunctional illuminating action: for face, hair and body.

5 minutes for a complete application

100 ml spray.

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Make-up remover towelettes for normal skin


Don’t you ever remember removing make-up? Are you having trouble following your skin cleansing routines? Comodynes make-up remover wipes clean, soften and moisturise the skin in less than 1 minute.


  • In just one gesture they provide complete facial hygiene.
  • They are equivalent to the use of cleansing milk and facial tonic.
  • Formula suitable for face and eyes.

1 minute for a complete application

Pack of 20 towelettes

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Exfoliating face and body wipes

Achieve a smooth and even skin with the exfoliating facial wipe which cleans pores and gets rid of dead skin cells and comes in a size perfectly suited to fit into make-up bags, purses or bags. There’s no excuse!


  • In just one step you have finished a complete exfoliation.
  • Can be applied to face and body.
  • Gets rid of impurities, cleanses skin pores and stimulates cell renewal.
  • Ideal as a weekly treatment.
  • Preparatory treatment for the Self-tanning line.

1 minute for a complete application

Pack of 20 wipes.

Use once or twice a week.

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