[wpml-string]ENVÍOS GRATUITOS A PARTIR DE 34€ | ENTREGA EN 72h[/wpml-string]

[wpml-string]ENVÍOS GRATUITOS A PARTIR DE 34€ | ENTREGA EN 72h[/wpml-string]

[wpml-string]ENVÍOS GRATUITOS A PARTIR DE 34€ | ENTREGA EN 72h[/wpml-string]

[wpml-string]ENVÍOS GRATUITOS A PARTIR DE 34€ | ENTREGA EN 72h[/wpml-string]

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Make-up remover towelettes for normal skin


Don’t you ever remember removing make-up? Are you having trouble following your skin cleansing routines? Comodynes make-up remover wipes clean, soften and moisturise the skin in less than 1 minute.


  • In just one gesture they provide complete facial hygiene.
  • They are equivalent to the use of cleansing milk and facial tonic.
  • Formula suitable for face and eyes.

1 minute for a complete application

Pack of 20 towelettes

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Each MAKE-UP REMOVER NORMAL SKIN towelette contains a complete micelar cleansing treatment. A single dose replaces the action of cleansing milk, facial toner and eye make-up remover. Effect 3 in 1 for complete cleaning in a single gesture. The extra soft 100% viscose towelettes are moistened with a micellar solution (micellar water) at iso-lagrimale pH, with excellent dermal and ocular tolerance, which eliminates impurities and make-up residues, leaving the face skin clean and with a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being. Both its material and the particular way in which it is made, allow a perfect incorporation and retention of its exclusive formula for removing make-up and a slightly exfoliating action by dragging.


Gently massage onto face and eyes to remove dirt particles and make-up. In less than 1 minute skin is left clean, soft and moisturized. No need to rinse.Fresh finish with no stickiness. In less than 1 minute your skin will be clean, soft and hydrated. No rinsing required.


Paraben-free. Fragrance allergen-free. No added dyes. Recommended for normal skin. 100% natural and biodegradable fibres. Dermatologically, clinically and microbiologically tested.

Micellar Formula
Cleansing efficacy combined with maximum dermal and ocular tolerance… Micellar technology attracts fats and waxes from the skin and traps them inside.

Mild surfactants
Surfactants with a high dermal and ocular tolerance, act effectively eliminating impurities and make-up residues.

Glucose derivatives
With emollient, moisturizing and moisturizing properties, they calm and decongest the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Mallow extract
Leaves skin perfectly soft and conditioned thanks to its soothing, antiseptic, astringent and decongestive action.

Sugar derived from large capacity hygroscopic beet that favors water retention in the epidermis and keeps the skin soft and hydrated.