Natural & Uniform Body Color

Self-tanning body glove that produces a natural and uniform tan

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First day on the beach? Avoid a dull skintone from day one with the Self-Tanning body glove that provides a natural tan in just 3 hours.
  • The color´s intensity adapts to natural skin tone.
  • Provides a natural, uniform tone.
  • Contains a moisturizing complex, which helps to eliminate the risk of skin drying out.
  • The glove´s design easily permits reaching even the hardest zones of the body.
  • One glove is the equivalent of using 4 Self
  • Tanning towelettes.

Just 3 hours to see results

Pack of 3 gloves

Lasts 4 days

More information

SELF-TANNING NATURAL & UNIFORM BODY COLOR is the first self-tanner on the market in a glove format so that you can easily reach even the least accessible parts of your body to acquire an even tan. The tan´s intensity adapts to each skin tone to achieve natural results.

How to use

Apply evenly all over body onto clean, dry skin. Don't forget hard-to-reach zones such as ankles and the backs of knees and wash hands after using the product. Wait until absorption is complete before getting dressed.


Paraben-free. Allergen-free perfume. No added dyes. Does not contain sunscreen. 100% natural and biodegradable fibers. Oil-free.

Moisturizing Complex

A combination of Butylene Glycol, which increases moisture retention in the epidermis and elmininates dehydration by forming a film on top of skin , and UCON 75-H-450, a film-forming polymer composed of a mix of glycols with a strong moisturizing effect.

DHA Plus

Reacts with the proteins of the epidermis producing a color similar to that of a suntan. Because it is stabilized with sodium metasulphite, DHA Plus limits the degradation of DHA and intensifies its action. This reaction is enhanced by the presence of Transcutol, a strong penetrating agent. The dehydroxyacetone of self-tanning is more stable and it is odorless.


A sugar of natural origin which helps to avoid dehydration and the feeling of skin-tightening, as well as supporting a longer lasting tan.


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