Instant Bronzing Gel

Illuminating facial gel.

14,88 €

Make your skin glow as if you were on vacations. Gel featuring micro-pigments that immediately improve skin´s look and tone. Join us for a radiant effect!
  • Radiant effect with ultra-natural results.
  • Fast absorption formula and light texture.
  • Boosts any self-tanning or natural tan effect.
  • Intensity varies depending on the number of consecutive applications.
  • It's the perfect alternative to thick make-up when wanting to give skin a bit of color.
  • Can be used as a daily moisturizing treatment.

1 minute to a complete application

40 ml tube.

Lasts 24 hours.

More information

RADIANT GLOW FACE INSTANT BRONZING GEL is a moisturizing lotion with micro-spheres of illuminating pigments that tan and illuminate skin immediately. It nourishes and illuminates skin tone for an ultra-natural effect, fresh texture and quick absorption. Ideal for achieving a natural tan instantly and as a complement to the self-tanning range.

How to use

Apply by massaging softly and evenly onto clean, dry skin, until the micro-spheres have completely disappeared. Product can be used as a light make-up base, a daily moisturizing treatment, or after the use of your normal daily moisturizer. It enhances the effect of a natural tan and is also a perfect complement to our Self-Tanning range. For a deeper tan, repeat the process once the first application has completely absorbed. Wash-off formula. Avoid direct eye contact.


Paraben-free. Allergen-free perfume. Does not contain sunscreen. Does not contain active self-tanner. Suitable for all skin types. Oil-free. No-Transfer texture. Does not stain.

Vitamin E

Formulated with vitamin E , which has an antioxidant effect to fight free radicals, therefore slowing down aging effects on skin.

Active moisturizers

Marine extracts which help maintain hydrolipidic equilibrium.

Illuminating pigments

The micro-spheres are encapsulated particles of color, which enhance skin tone with a radiant tan that has a natural finish.


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