One Day Color

Instant tanner which disappears the next day.

6,61 €

The one-day tan solution: brown legs on Saturday and not a trace of color on Sunday. The tanner that provides an immediate, intense tone and can be washed off aftetwards with water. Instantly tanned where and when you want.

  • Triple action formula: tanning, moisturizing and long-lasting.
  • Fast absorption formula.
  • Washes off with water.
  • Ideal for instantly tanning legs.

2 minutes to a complete application

Pack of 8 towelettes

Lasts 24 hours.

More information

INSTANT TANNING ONE DAY COLOR is thesolution that provides a natural, satin tone instantly. Legs are left perfectly moisturized and tanned all day long. Its innovative formula is immediately absorbed and is easily washed off with water.

How to use

Apply evenly onto clean, dry skin. Wash hands after applying and wait until absorption is complete before getting dressed to eliminate the risk of staining clothes. One towelette contains the perfect dosage for instantly tanned legs. Product washes off when and as desired. Ideal to be combined with other products from our tanning range. Start with One Day Color as an emergency solution and make your tan last longer with the rest of our self-tanning range. Wash-off solution.


Paraben-free. Allergen-free perfume. Does not contain sunscreen. Does not contain active self-tanner. 100% natural and biodegradable fibers. Oil-free. Does not stain.

Caramel color

Provides a soft, tanned tone that brings out skin's natural color while increasing brightness.

Moisturizing complex

Incorporates a moisturizing complex that supports moisture retention in the epidermis and eliminates dehydration.

Long-lasting complex

Includes a long-lasting complex which accelerates drying and the permanence of color throughout the entire day.


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