Face Moisturizing Summer Glow

Moisturizing facial lotion which provides a light tan gradually.

14,88 €

Looking pale and tired? Is Spring just around the corner? Is your skin dull? This moisturizing facial cream is perfect to help you achieve radiant skin and a lasting, tanned tone. Nourishes and tans skin subtly, and the color deepens gradually with its use.
  • Can be used as a daily facial moisturiser.
  • Intensely moisturises and gives you a natural tan.
  • Specifically formulated as a facial moisturizer.
  • Provides a tanned tone and moisturizes all day long.
  • Light texture and fast absorption.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

1 minute to a complete application

40 ml tube.

Works gradually over 4 days.

More information

HYDRATANNING FACE MOISTURIZING SUMMER GLOW is the facial moisturizer that provides skin with a nourished look and a gradual, natural tan. Its light texture means it is easily absorbed for a smooth tone. Results are visible from the first application and tone gradually increases with each use. Provides a smooth skin tone without looking like make-up..
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How to use

Apply evenly onto clean, dry skin. Wash hands after usage. We recommend switching from a normal facial moisturizer to Hydratanning Face for daily use when you are looking to gradually increase tone. To obtain a more intense initial tan, we recommend using the moisturizer 2 or 3 days consecutively, and then once every 3 to 4 days.


Paraben-free. Allergen-free perfume. Does not contain sunscreen. Oil-free.

DHA Plus

Reacts with the proteins of the epidermis producing a color similar to that of a suntan, and duration depends on skin cell turnover. Because it is stabilized with sodium metasulphite, DHA Plus limits the degradation of DHA and intensifies its results.


A sugar of natural origin which helps to eliminate dehydration and the feeling of skin-tightening provoked by DHA as well as supporting a longer-lasting tan.

moisturizing complex

Featuring Glycerine, Erythrulose, Butylene Glycol and Sorbitol, which give the product moisturizing and emollient properties. The presence of Vitamin F restores the protective cutaneous film, allowing for moisture retention in the epidermis and eliminating the risk of skin dehydration.

Vitamin E

Formula with antioxidant action. Vitamin E captures oxygenated free radicals, which accelerate skin aging.


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