Exfoliating Action

Exfoliating face and body towelettes.

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Achieve smooth and even skin with the exfoliating facial towelette that cleanses pores and eliminates dead skin cells. Single-dosage sizing is perfectly suited to fit into cosmetic cases, purses or bags. No more excuses!
  • Can be carried in a cosmetic case, purse, or bag.

1 minute to a complete application

Pack of 8 towelettes

Use once or twice a week.

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Ready-to-go exfoliating face and body towelettes deeply cleanse pores and eliminate dead skin cells, leaving skin free to breathe. Features a double exfoliating action - both mechanical and biological. Mecahnical exfoliation as a result of the micro-spheres impregnanted into the fabric of the towelette, and the latter due to its formula which contain biological assets that stimulate cell renewal. The use of the towelette maximizes the results of treatments applied afterwards, such as moisturizers or self-tanners, because impurities are eliminated and this allows for deeper penetration of active ingredients. The practical and compact single-dose format means that you can use the treatment any time, any place.
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How to use

Apply by massaging onto dry skin. Apply once or twice a week.


Paraben-free. Allergen-free perfume. No added dyes. Recommended for all skin types.

Prickly pair extract

originating from the American tropics, this extract performs a biological exfoliation as it contains enzymes which have a "scissor" effect on the structure that tightly holds corneocytes together.

Glycerine and derivatives

Glycerine, glycolic and glucose derivatives with moistening and emollient properties, which favor moisture retention in the epidermis.

Witch hazel water

An ingredient that reduces skin redness and favors skin cell renewal.


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